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    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    Radical Changes To POW

    Hello all!
    Well, I've finally made some radical changes to this blog.  The formatting is different, the pages are different, the page is friendlier, I believe.  Here are a few highlights.
    - Formatting.  As you can see, I've switched to a 3 column format and some new fonts, thanks in part to Hoctro's Place.  His lessons on his web page cannot be underestimated.  His post, and templates, can be found here.  Many thanks, kind human.  Of course, I have made some modifications.  I'll make more, and when the template is done, I'll post a permanent link to it.
    - Labels.  Labels have been added, and others deleted.  Now, also, if you click a label that has more than twenty post contained within, you can go to older posts with the same link by the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of this web page.  Navigation!   What a concept.
    - Translation.  I have switched to the venerable Altavista Babel Fish utility, which is on this page.  This will translate posts without having to go to another website.
    - Charity.  You will also see on this page that there is a charity box, allowing you to chose a charity that you'd like to donate to through my blog.  The charities will change frequently, so check back just as often!  This service is possible through
    Other big changes are coming, so look for them.  Please, leave me a comment about the format changes, or make suggestions.  I do write this blog mostly for me, but it's for you as well.


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