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    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    The Amazing Race


    Time Warner Inc.'s (TWX) AOL unit said it will make five gigabytes of online storage available free to all Web users.

    The Internet service provider and online portal said the added storage will enable users to store any type of file and will support a drag-and-drop interface between online storage and hard drive.

    The storage offering will be available to any users who have an AOL or AIM screenname starting in early September.
    Biker and perennial underdog Dick Parsons raced up the mountain.  It was Stage 17, one of the most treacherous stages of the newly-created Tour de Earth, just started in late 2006 to replace a scandalized (and far too small, in Dick's opinion) Tour de France.   His mind mulled his chances:  Ballmer, Gates, and especially Schmidt... they were all in front.  And they weren't tiring.
    Suddenly, Dick thought seriously about just giving up.  This was a young man's game.
    Stop that.  Dick's mind replied.  We didn't come all this way for nothing.  Before anyone cared about the World Wide Web, before Google, and when Usenet was young, we were there.  Before broadband was the way, before the Internet crash, before Amazon, and before eBay, we were there, giving away CDs by the carload.  We introduced the world to the Internet.  We showed the world that money could be made.  We have the backing of one of the largest multimedia conglomerates the world has ever seen.  And we will not go quietly, no matter what the cost.  We can do it.
    Dick's spirits brightened, if only just a touch.
    But just over the top of the next hill, Dick Parsons could just see the beginning of an orange and bluish hue, steadily getting brighter with every push of his tired legs, which every drip of sweat, and every drop of adrenaline.
    The sun was rising.
    And with that, Dick Parsons, CEO of America Online, realized something important.  Something that would enable him to continue the race.  Something that would give him hope.
    He was getting stronger.
    This would be a long race, indeed.


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