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    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    The Beauty Of A Perfect Headline

    Did you want to see an example of an almost perfect headline?
    Seriously, it's in English, and everything.
    All right.  I'm going to write it now, with proper attribution, of course.
    Update The Register is pleasantly surprised to learn that humanity continues to muddle along after a leading Islamic scholar predicted its abrupt destruction on 22 August.

    Academician Bernard Lewis, a specialist in Middle-Eastern culture and politics, and one of Dick Cheney's favorite thinkers, appeared to have it all worked out in an op-ed piece published by the Wall Street Journal . After a careful reading of scripture, and a bit of arithmetic, Lewis was able to determine the ideal day for Iran to nuke Israel, initiating the atomic Armageddon that we've all been worrying about.

    That headline, found in The Register (yes, they're British.  Figures.) is as crisp as the early morning air on a dewy early October morning in the Midwest.  I've seen cherry blossom season in Washington DC, a hazy, red and bluish sunset over the Rocky Mountains in Denver, and a sunrise over Lake Michigan in the spring off of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, and none of them were as beautiful as that headline.
    Thomas C. Greene, I applaud (bows).


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