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    Monday, October 17, 2005

    Dude, That's Hardcore

    Ex SNL comedian Charles Rocket is dead.  This in itself is not surprising (see:  Belushi, Jon, Farley, Chris, et cetera)
    This, however, is absolutely, positively the most hardcore thing that I've ever heard in my life.
    Rocket, 56, whose real name was Charles Claverie, was found dead in a field near his home in Canterbury on October 7. His throat had been cut, the medical examiner said."An investigation determined there was no criminal aspect to this case," State Police Sgt. J. Paul Vance said Monday.
    Via CNN.
    Yeah, you read that right.  HOMEBOY SLIT HIS OWN THROAT.
    Maybe he heard about this.
    Yeah.  Rocky.  I kid not.
    I expect the seventh seal to be broken shortly.


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