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    Friday, October 14, 2005

    More Geek For Your Dollar

    No, this post is NOT going to be about the video iPod, strangely enough, even though I think those are awesome and I want one.
    This about home FTP.  Via The Hack
    If you've been following the the Lifehacker Home Server Series of articles, you know how to do things like reach your home computer from anywhere in the world thanks to dynamic DNS services. Gina wrote about how to set up a personal home web server, but in my experience the killer home server feature that hasn't been covered to date is how to set up a personal FTP server at home.
    Damn, that's cool.  Once I get my home computer working again, I'm doing it. 
    I've got a Linux drive.  It might be time to start using it again and bagging XP for the time being.  My blogging is beginning to suffer.


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