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    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    Geek Storage

    No, I don't mean a place to store your geek.  Everyone knows that's in their parents' basement with plenty of beer and pizza.
    I mean this.
    All that porn clogging up your hard drive and your 500Gb external already full? Well no worries, thanks to this brand new Maxtor OneTouch III that'll have up to 1 whopping terabyte of storage space.
    Via Gizmodo.
    Of course, you know you want one.  Personally, I want three.  Being out of a computer for a while made me frightened and verklempt;  I couldn't feel my legs, and I panicked.
    If you know that reference, you get a no-prize.  But if you don't, go here.  Think "Refrigerator Johnny".  What a classic.



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