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    Monday, October 24, 2005

    Halloween And Movies

    "Hey, do you want to see something REALLY scary?"
    - Dan Aykroyd,  from Twilight Zone, The Movie

    So, because it's Halloween, here are:

    The Scariest Movies Of All Time

    5.  Jaws.
    Amazing that I didn't think of this movie before.  Zoinks.  Scared an entire generation of going into the ocean.  Mad props to that.
    4.  The Exorcist.
    Heh.  Raised the bar for horror then and for all time.  Subliminal messages.  Pea soup.  Catholics.  What could be better?
    3.  The Thing.
    Probably the best of the John Carpenter horror movies.  If you don't know about the walking head scene, then you don't know horror.  Amazing, without the CGI.
    2.  Alien.
    Yeah.  Haunted house combined with Sci-Fi.  Remember this tagline:  "In space, no one can hear you scream."  Brilliant.
    1.  The Shining.
    Wow.  Almost a perfectly scary movie.  The Big Wheel scene, "Here's Johnny!"  Blood in the hallway.  Amazing.  Scared me for years and I'm still not quite over it.

    Leave yours in the comments, if you like.  Just for fun, you might want to check this out: The 100 Scariest Movie Scenes Of All Time.  Via  Retrocrush.

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