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    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Nicolas Cage = Geek

    He named his kid after Superman.
    Nicholas Cage's new son is named "Kal-El Cage."
    Boing Boing, again.
    Oddly, I kinda like that. 
    But, of course, my geek level is off the charts.  Word.



    lazyj said...

    Nice post. I still contend that 50% of the population know supermans name is Kal-El although they didnt menation it in that article.

    ringloss said...

    Earlier today lazyj and I discussed, and decided upon, the name for my first child.

    Boom Boom Hellcat

    Thanos Von Doom

    ringloss said...

    Apparently, Nicholas Coppola got his stage name from Luke Cage.

    Is it true? It's too awesome not to be.

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