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    Monday, March 05, 2007

    Free Stuff For Kids

    KidsDomain has put together a massive list of freeware for kids, sorted by subjects such as Art, Science, Math, Creativity, etc.

    There is a lot of stuff here, and it's all free. Try building a train diorama, or printing out one of dozens of free coloring books, or check out the free card games (Caveman Cards, anyone?). This would be a great site to visit with the kids for a few rainy/snowy day activities.

    I am so all over this.  If Kids Domain can keep kids occupied in a healthy, educational, and creative way, they certainly have my support.  I will be quite pleased to give them a try, and will probably blog the results, knowing my general geekitude.

    1 Comment:

    txdave said...

    I like your short posts, encourages reading, but blog very gray.

    Some color in font/format and colorful photos tend to entertain readers, as they learn, see wht I mean:

    good luck


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