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    Saturday, March 31, 2007

    Supporting The Locals

    As you might remember, I like to support some of the local talent here in the fine Rocky Mountain West.  Here's a contribution: featuring, coming to a micro theater near you, Drunk By Noon .
    What happens when a big shot advertising executive realizes he's been destroying the planet?

    He hits rock bottom.

    Vagrom pictures presents DRUNK BY NOON, a story of one person's attempt to build a better world, one picture at a time.

    After a life-altering epiphany, a successful Madison Avenue advertising executive abandons his profession and begins to drink. Having reached bottom, and, inexplicably, Denver's Colfax dive bars, he is determined to use his creative abilities for a different purpose: to help make the world a better place. His goal, to convince a popular local underground magazine to publish his auto-biographical comic strip, 'DRUNK BY NOON.'

    I suspect this is going to be interesting.  They don't have direct movie downloads set up yet, but I'm sure that they will.  Support the arts!



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