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    Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    Freelance Blogging And Time

    Freelancing.  What have I noticed?
    - I'm tired a lot more, because I seem to work a lot more.  I don't sleep less but it seems that way.
    - I think about blogging.  A LOT.  I used to think about it a lot before, now I think about writing when I get up and when I go to bed.  I find that interesting.
    - Work blogging and random time blogging are a couple of different entities altogether.  It's one thing to think "I really need to do a post or I'll lose some readers."  It's completely different to think, "I really need to do a post, or I'm going to get lose this gig!"  These are totally different animals.  I've only been doing freelance for a few days and I can see that already.
    - Time.  It seems that I never have enough.  And I like having time.
    Therefore, I'm going to fall back on what I know.  One thing is organization, which I try my best to get better at daily.
    The other thing is the Internet.
    Ah, my old friend, the Internet.
    And in my moment of need, the Internet comes through again in the form of a post by Freelance Blogging: Why You Should Schedule.
    I can speak from personal experience, I work better with time constraints, and you probably do too. If I limit my working time to 4 hours, I'm betting I'll get all the work done. I'll find a way to.

    If I don't make that distinction, my day is scattered and I'll find myself in front of the computer the whole day, doing the same amount of work.

    It would seem that people write posts just for me.  Awash with power, suddenly I am.

    1 Comment:

    Clark said...

    It's seldom I come across someone with my same first name - so hi Clark from Clark.

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