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    Friday, March 02, 2007

    I'm NOT Seeing 323 This Weekend

    In case you were wondering, that's 300 plus 23.  I like Jim Carrey, and I like Frank Miller, but that would be a bit much for a weekend.
    Yes, I did get that from Wil Wheaton.  Yeah, that's the former Star Trek guy .  I'm a geek.  I read him regularly.
    Now on to the entertainment: I have a friend who does quite a bit of writing for a living.  Well, maybe not for a living, perhaps it's more part of what she does, along with sleep, eat, engage her brain, and make her best attempt to have a good time, tempered with casual conformity to what she considers to be rational society norms.  This is all a roundabout way of saying that she wrote this well-considered review of Frank Miller's 300, which sacked a theater near you recently.
    Frank Miller's Hot Gates
    by Carol Borden

    Only the hard. Only the strong. A feeling's been gnawing deep inside me
    for a while. A feeling that maybe Frank Miller's hypermasculine
    antiheros and faceless, breast-thrusting women are exactly what they
    seem, not just sketchy parody. After reading 300, Miller's 1998 account
    of the Spartans at Thermopylae, I don't have any doubt: Miller means it.
    His aesthetic is fascist.

    Fascism isn't all jackboots and Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS. Sometimes it's
    well-hung Spartans toting big spears. In this case, 300 is beautiful
    with art worthy of a picture book. Lynn Varley's goauche-like washes and
    thick spatters of rain, blood and ash are lovely. Some panels look like
    ukiyo-e woodcuts, and Miller demonstrates a fluid line reminiscent of
    Will Eisner.
    That's in the Cultural Gutter.  I imagine it will eventually show up on my blog roll, since posts like that remind me of why I like to blog sometimes.
    I think she write good.

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    Anonymous said...

    i think you write good, too.


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