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    Friday, March 23, 2007

    I Must Post A Time Waster

    It's been too long since I've posted a time waster.  Some time, indeed.  Since I've been so serious and busy, working so, so hard for a living, I've decided that today, I post not just one free game, but several at once.
    Here's your link.
    That's right.  They're crazy, and they have monkeys.
    Games that you should try:
    Boxhead: More Rooms - You will be persued by zombies, but you have excellent weapons.
    Zombie Horde 3 - More zombies.  This is becoming a theme.
    There are a lot of great games on that site that you can play right in your browser.  People, take a little bit of a break from all the work.  Play a game.  I probably will.


    Homosexual Christmas tin soldier said...

    Trés Naughty!

    Anonymous said...

    I like the one with the hedgehogs, motorcycles and proskaters - Adrenaline Challenge.L

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