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    Friday, March 16, 2007

    Phones: Soon To Be The Most Interesting Hardware Around

    ...and Apple gasped.  Unless this is all part of the Big Plan.
    The head of Google in Spain and Portugal has confirmed that Google is working on a mobile phone. "Some of the time the engineers are dedicated to developing a mobile phone," Isabel Aguilera is quoted as saying on the Spanish-news Web site

    A Google spokeswoman in the United States released this statement when asked for comment: "Mobile is an important area for Google and we remain focused on creating applications and establishing and growing partnerships with industry leaders to develop innovative services for users worldwide. However, we have nothing further to announce."

    Google stateside has repeatedly declined to comment on rumors of a Google Phone, but the smoke has been rising lately.

    That's from, via Reddit.
    Can it be true? 
    What does this mean? 
    Will there be a battle royale between the iPhone and the GPhone? 
    My first inclination is towards suspicion.
    Yet somewhere in the distance, an almost imperceptible but unmistakable explosion can be heard, and the nature of that sound is the first salvo in the war to win the hearts and minds of first adopters and assorted technologists everywhere. 
    Google versus Apple.
    The lines have been drawn.



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