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    Wednesday, May 25, 2005

    Ever Wanted to Destroy the World?

    Here is a handy list of the Top 10 methods.  Via Sploid, which means by the time that you get there to check out the headline, it will probably be gone.  Boy.  You ever have one of those Wednesdays?

    Update! Ken Layne, who's over at Sploid, sent me a handy permalink to this headline, which you can find here. Thanks, Ken! I'm so awed that you're paying attention (in part because you are clearly cooler than me).

    1 Comment:

    Ken Layne said...

    Hi Clark --

    We don't make it very easy to find the perma-link, do we? This will be fixed soon, with the redesign. Meanwhile, if you very carefully hold your mouse pointer over the tiny date under the huge headline, the permalink is there. For the End Of The World post, this is the URL:

    Thanks for reading Sploid!

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