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    Tuesday, May 03, 2005

    Organize Thyself

    Here's something cool, maybe.

    Backpack is 37Signals's latest project -- a Web-based personal information manager that makes it easy to create projects, break them down into steps, and then track each step. Because it's Web-based, it's well suited to communicating and collaborating with other people, sharing tasks and status-messages, The whole thing syndicates as XML, streaming updates into your RSS reader or to your phone. It synchs with iCal and thence to your handheld PIM.

    Via The Directory Of Wonderful Things.

    I say try it. Me, I love gadgets. But for some reason that I can't understand, I can't quite bring myself to buy a PDA. Maybe if this blogging thing takes off, I'll turn into one of those guys that blogs in a coffeeshop in a geek-chic or hipster outfit, and when someone says something around me that I find personally offensive, I can turn to them, scowl, and stir my coffee (black) at them vigorously.

    Nah, not me.

    Instead, here's a picture of Katie Holmes
    without that one guy.


    tbone said...

    If your coffee is black, why do you need to stir it?

    The MZA said...

    Sugar? Sweetner? Passive agressive behaviour?

    Anonymous said...

    PDAs are strange and frightening...

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