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    Wednesday, May 25, 2005

    Rock And Roll

    Stunningly to all, I'm sure, I do have friends that aren't nearly as geeky as I am.
    Some of those guys happen to have a band... and a fairly successful regional band, at that.  This may take away from my geekpoints, but the band, Rexway, is headlining a live show at Herman's Hideaway in Denver on June 10th.
    More shocks abound.  They are up for a local award.  You can vote for them here.  Naturally, you can also buy their album on Amazon.  Support local music, people!
    One more thing.
    This person should probably win American Idol tonight.  The only question is: will their musical career ever recover?  I mean, they had plenty of street cred BEFORE they hit Fox TV....


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